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Who Killed Chandra Levy?
A brutal murderer is still free to prey on others.


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The Earthy Women are an unlikely assortment of friends who share a common passion for living sane, sensible, happy lives. Sometimes we learn from each other, but more often we learn from our mistakes.

We’re all lifelong residents of the planet Earth. We like Earth, and we know that it’s up to us to take care of her.

We also know from painful experience that taking care of Earth is the only way to take care of ourselves and the people we love. We believe that health, happiness, and all good things are inextricably tied to our connection to nature.

At different points in our lives we grew tired of frantically searching for the source of happiness, tired of our addiction to the search. We each decided to stop, take a deep breath, and examine our surroundings. When we started paying attention –really paying attention-- we each found out that happiness had been right there all the time, hiding in plain sight. We weren't seeing the forest, and were barely seeing the trees.

This website is our way of sharing what we’ve learned. We hope our ideas, comments, and encouragement will infect others like a contagion, a sanity virus that spreads from one person to another through a kind word, a helpful hint, or just an encouraging smile.

We believe that even a small step is progress toward the destination. We believe that it is only through the actions of individuals that anything of value is ever accomplished. We believe that Margaret Mead was absolutely right when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

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